Year Leader (Year 8 to Year 11 on rotation)

L9 (currently £57,482)

Permanent, Full Time

Monday 26 February 2024, 9am.

For September 2024. The successful candidate will work with students in Year 9, and they will stay with this cohort as the students make their progress to Year 11. Each year team has a teaching Year Leader and a non-teaching Deputy Year Leader. Year Leaders are essential pillars of the academy’s structure, offering leadership to ensure both the academic progress and personal development of all students in a particular year group. Year Leaders work with Deputy Year Leaders and with tutors to coordinate the wellbeing and progress of students, communicating closely with teachers and senior leaders, parents and carers. Year Leaders work with senior leaders in putting into action the academy’s vision and values, and in working towards achieving the academy’s strategic goals. The Year Leader will take responsibility for the academic progress and pastoral care of all students within the year group. They will embrace, promote and actively develop the academy’s vision and values to personalise the educational provision for every student within Lord Lawson of Beamish Academy. They will be proactive and professional and will always maintain confidentiality. They will also ensure that all safeguarding procedures are enforced in accordance with the academy’s safeguarding policy. They will be responsible for the work of the Deputy Year Leader and will work closely with other colleagues. They will take a leading role in promoting the school to prospective students and their parents, and they will share a leading role in organising transition points for students, for example, KS4 Options and Sixth Form transition. For further information about this role, please refer to the document below. Completed application forms should be submitted to: [email protected]