First Aid Unit

The First-Aid Unit is open each day from 08:30 until 15.30. This is staffed by Support Staff who are First Aid trained – not trained nursing staff.

The First Aid Unit is to be used for the purpose of any incidents/accidents and illnesses that occur on the way to or within the Academy. It is also used to control medication for students who have a diagnosed medical condition such as Asthma, Anaphylaxis, Diabetes, Epilepsy etc. and require prescribed medication to control or aid this condition. The First Aid Unit also deals with any other medical condition that may require prescribed medication.

Students who require medication for any other conditions may, with the authorisation of the First Aid Unit Staff, carry the dose required for that day with them.Consent forms must be completed for any prescribed medication and/or carried medication within the academy premises. These are distributed from, and when completed held in, the First Aid Unit.

The First Aid unit is not to be used as a drop in medical centre for ailments such as coughs, colds/flu, cramp, and previous injuries and ailments. For the above please seek advice from your own GP or practise nurse.

Parent/Carers may receive a text message if a student attends the First Aid Unit excessively or unnecessarily on a regular basis without requiring first aid treatment or advice from first aid staff.