Trust Board Information and Structure


Mrs June Kelly

Mr Albert Leaf

Mrs Caroline Matthias

Trust Board

Mr Guy Currey – Chair of the Trust Board

Dr Jane Halpin – Vice-Chair

Mrs Alison Logan – Vice-Chair and Chair of Student Progress Committee

Ms Laura Jobling – Trustee

Mr Chris Smith – Trustee

Mr Kevin Thompson – Trustee and Chair of Academy Management Committee

Mrs Heather McClean – Trustee

Miss Claire Gibson – Parent Trustee

Mr Andrew Mears – Parent Trustee

Mr Dean Laybourne – Parent Trustee

Miss Katie Barron – Staff Trustee

Mrs Donna Bell – Staff Trustee

Dr Andrew Fowler – Principal (Accounting Officer)

Mr James Pedlingham – Observer (Chief Financial Officer)

Mr Joe Dicocco – Observer (Deputy Principal)

Mr Ian Cooper – Observer (Deputy Principal)

Information relating to previous academic years