Curriculum Design

Curriculum approach

At Lord Lawson of Beamish Academy our core purpose is to create a learning experience that is exciting and challenging; broad, balanced and relevant as well as accessible and fun. We value each and every subject we offer. We aim to provide a broad education at all key stages, adhering to all national curriculum requirements. Our curriculum is ever changing as we adapt to new circumstances and pursue the best opportunities for our students.

KS3 curriculum

Students gain experience of a variety of subject areas in a broad and balanced programme of study. This includes English, Mathematics and Science, Geography, History, Modern Foreign Languages, Music, Art, Technology carousel (covering design, food and textiles), Physical Education, Personal Development and Religious Education. You can see more detailed information about every subject we teach at KS3 in the KS3 subject pages. There is an overview and then a breakdown of learning in each year from year 7 to year 9.

KS4 Curriculum offer

Our KS4 curriculum allows students to choose from a broad suite of subjects. The transition from KS3 to KS4 allows students to specialise in certain subjects, whilst retaining a breadth of curriculum coverage. The options process has been designed to meet the needs of every student, offering the opportunity to experience, enjoy and succeed in a wide range of subjects.

All students study English Language, English Literature, Mathematics, PE (non-examined), Religious Education (non-examined) and Science (either combined or separate science). Students can then choose additional subjects from a range of 23 available options. Students study either 8 or 9 subjects dependent upon the pathway they select. For further information on the choices students make in Year 9 see the Year 9 Curriculum Choices booklet. This booklet also contains an overview of the content of the curriculum at KS4 for all subjects.


KS5 Curriculum Offer

Our sixth form curriculum allows students to:

  • develop academic learning
  • develop personal, social and emotional skills
  • develop an awareness of the world around them
  • research and take part in opportunities in the work place and make preparations for life post-18

We offer the following academic qualifications:

  • A levels
  • Level 3 qualifications (equivalent to 1 A level)
  • EPQ
  • Resit maths or English

Each student will take 3 qualifications. This can be all A levels, all level 3 qualifications or a combination of both.  EPQ will be introduced to students in January of year 12.  Those students who do not have a grade 4 or above in their GCSE maths or English will be expected to resit this qualification.  To see further information on courses and entry requirement please refer to our Sixth Form Prospectus.

Students will also attend:

  • Sixth Form Studies lessons
  • Tutorial time
  • Weekly assemblies
  • 1 week work experience
  • Life After Lord Lawson event

This curriculum meets the current 16-19 study programme requirements

To find out more about any aspect of our curriculum please contact Kate Kendall, Assistant Principal in charge of Curriculum and Timetabling via [email protected]