Young Carers at Lord Lawson

Here at Lord Lawson we understand that young carers can face further challenges whilst at school.  We have many ways to meet the needs of our young carers so they can attend school and achieve their full potential.

Our senior leadership lead for young carers is Mr Cooper (Deputy Principal) and our operational lead is Mrs Glass. Students are aware of who these key members of staff are, they also know how to contact them for support.

Identification of young carers can occur in various ways:

  • Self referral through forms in year bases
  • Year leader / Deputy year leader
  • Attendance officers
  • Counselling sessions
  • Transition from Primary school
  • Transition mid year

Once identified, parents/carers are contacted to discuss a referral.  If an agreement is reach from parents/carers, a referral can be made for further support from the carers trust in either Gateshead, Sunderland or Durham.  The referral location is dependent on where the student lives.

Staff within the academy are made aware of students who are young carers through our management information system.

At Lord Lawson we actively seek feedback and ideas from young carers to help us to improve our support offered, this is completed via drop-ins and questionnaires.  We also seek feedback from external agencies.

Young carers are students under the age of 18 who regularly help to look after someone in their family.  They may have a physical disability, sensory disability, learning disability, mental health issues, chronic illness or substance misuse. They have extra things to do at home and may help by:

  • Looking after siblings
  • Cleaning the home
  • Shopping and cooking meals
  • Doing laundry for the family
  • Supporting someone physically e.g. helping them get dressed or out of bed
  • Helping someone emotionally e.g. listening to someone when they are upset
  • Helping someone to communicate

Here at Lord Lawson we support young carers and offer the following.

  • Regular monthly drop-in sessions at lunchtime with the carers trust and Mrs Glass
  • Weekly lunchtime drop ins / homework completion in the library with Mrs Glass
  • An after school area where students can do their homework with computer access. This takes place in the school library
  • Peer support from drop-ins.
  • Being a member of the young carers Microsoft team online for information and support
  • Staff members to talk to, who are specially trained in pastoral care
  • Making teaching staff aware of who is a young carer and may need further support, particularly with homework
  • Year leaders and Deputy year leaders can refer students to the school counsellor or SEMH learning mentor
  • A peer mentored mental health weekly drop-in for all key stage 3 students.

Further Information

If you would like to receive further information regarding young carers, contact Mrs Glass by email at

[email protected]

Young Carer further infromation