Lord Lawson of Beamish Academy – Curriculum Statement 

What is our curriculum Offer? 

At Lord Lawson of Beamish Academy, we offer a broad and ambitious curriculum. We believe it is vital to equip all students with the relevant knowledge and cultural capital to grow, learn and succeed.  

At Key Stage 3 all students have access to the full, broad curriculum for three years.  

At Key Stage 4 students follow core subjects of English, Maths, Science, Physical Education, Religious Education and Personal Development as well as choosing from a wide range of option subjects. There is more information about the options and pathways here. 

At Key Stage 5 we offer a range of academic and vocational subjects. There is more information about the entry requirements and subjects available at KS5 here. 

All students study Religious Education. They also take part in age-appropriate Relationships and Sex Education, and Health Education, through our Personal Development curriculum and our tutor time programme.   

You can find more detailed information about how many hours students study in each subject, in each year, here. 

What is our curriculum intent? 

Our curriculum plans in every subject set out the following key information: 

  • The purpose of the scheme of learning  
  • The aims of scheme of learning 
  • The fundamental knowledge and skills required for success and the sequence in which students will learn this fundamental knowledge and skills. 

You can find more detailed information about what our students learn in each subject here. 

How do we implement of our curriculum? 

We expect our teachers to have expert knowledge of the subjects that they teach. We understand that high quality teaching enables students to understand key concepts, in particular the concepts we have deemed fundamental knowledge. Our teachers know the best way to do this is to present information clearly, in a logical sequence and to revisit this knowledge at appropriate intervals.  

How do we assess our students? 

We understand that it is vital to check whether students are learning the knowledge and skills that the curriculum intends them to learn.  Assessment is used regularly across the course of a lesson and scheme of learning to check students are doing more, learning more and remembering more. 

What is the impact of our curriculum? 

We have the highest expectations for the achievement of all the students that we teach.  The impact of our curriculum is best judged by focusing on the results at the end of KS4 and KS5 what students have learned over time. By focusing on making improvements to our curriculum we enable students to do more, learn more and remember more, which ultimately allows students to achieve good results.  You can find our 2022 KS4 results here and KS5 here.