GCSE Results – August 2023

Students at Lord Lawson of Beamish Academy are celebrating their excellent GCSE results. Against a backdrop of results falling to 2019 levels, Lord Lawson students smashed their 2019 record. 79% of students gained passes in English and 76% in Mathematics.

Highest performing students include Amy Cosgrove, Sam Davison, Jeevan Somal, Ruby Skelton, Michael Bruce, Dara Oyenibi, Violet Joslin, Sophie Hogg, Sophie Henderson, Anna Hughes, Lily Fearby and Edward Slater, all of whom gained high grades in all their subjects. Excellent progress has been made by a range of students, including Matthew Allen, Ewan Cameron-McIntosh, Kayla Huscroft, Ebony King, Jagoda Klosowicz, Charlotte Morison, Evie Nesbitt and Liam Nicholson.

The school’s continuing strength in the Arts and Physical Education were very evident, with Music, Dance, Drama, Graphics, Photography and Physical Education all performing extremely well. Students also put on a strong showing in the traditional subjects too, with Maths and English performing well and Science showing improved results. Students also gained high grades in German, French and Religious Education. Students collecting their results today began their GCSE courses during the years of the COVID-19 pandemic. They have had to overcome adverse circumstances and to show real resilience. Lord Lawson students benefited from the school’s programme of support and preparation for these examinations, helping them cope with anxiety and pressure.

Andrew Fowler, the school’s Principal, said that the school has seen amazing improvements since 2019: “Where many schools are seeing results dip this year, at Lord Lawson we are glad to see that our students go from strength to strength. Students collecting their results today have gained strong grades across a wide range of subjects. We are absolutely delighted for our students, who have had the most disrupted school experience over the past three years and have come through with great results that demonstrate their high levels of skill and knowledge.”

Joe Dicocco, Deputy Principal, said, “We are immensely proud of our students today. We worked with them to be fully prepared for the examinations and today they reap the rewards of their hard work. This cohort of students has developed immensely in character and determination over the years and this will serve them well in later life. We wish them all the very best and congratulate them on their achievements.”

Most students at Lord Lawson will go on to study A level and vocational courses at the school’s sixth form and at local colleges. Some are heading for apprenticeships with local and national employers. Dave Cave, Year 11 Leader and Assistant Principal, said he was pleased with the results. “It has been thoroughly rewarding to witness our students’ determination and resilience in preparation for the examinations. I know, with their results and excellent attitudes, they have a great platform for future choices and success.”