Congratulations to Dr Andrew Fowler

As Deputy Principals, we are delighted to recognise the achievement of our Principal, Andrew Fowler, who has recently been awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy by Durham University. At the start of this term, Mr Fowler has therefore become Dr Fowler. This change is reflected on the signs at the school entrance and on our new letterhead.

As you might expect, Dr Fowler’s research has been in education, specifically in finding out from students what makes examination questions in mathematics difficult for them. While there has been a substantial amount of research previously into difficulty in examination questions, almost all of this has been from the viewpoint of examiners: very few studies have sought out and analysed students’ views, and none have given students’ own words the prominence that Dr Fowler has.

Hearing the voices of students is vital for improving our understanding of teaching and learning. It is also a matter of fairness and social justice, values that have informed our Principal’s whole approach to education here at Lord Lawson. His insights into student voice and into teaching and learning have already helped to inform staff training and transform the education of children at this school. To have achieved such a high level of academic scholarship whilst also improving a large secondary school and steering our community through COVID shows impressive resilience! We are proud to recognise the example of hard work and scholarship that Dr Fowler has set us all.

Joe Dicocco and Ian Cooper, Deputy Principals