Joining Lord Lawson

Frequently asked questions

What is transition like for pupils from Year 6 into Year 7?

Lord Lawson welcomes pupils from Gateshead, Sunderland and Durham authorities. Once your child has been given a place at Lord Lawson of Beamish Academy Year Leader for Year 7, Mrs Jacobson, will discuss with the class teacher your child’s strengths and areas of development. Parents will also be asked to complete a pen portrait to ensure we gain a full insight into your child.

How are pupils made to feel welcome?

There will be 8 classes in Year 7. We work closely with primary teachers to get the best mix of classes we possibly can, where all pupils will be happy and thrive.

Pupils join us from many primary schools and there are many pupils who start Lord Lawson initially not knowing anyone. It is therefore a priority for tutors that early opportunities are given where friendships can be forged, to help everyone feel supported and at ease within their new school environment.

How are pupils placed into academic groupings?

In September 2021, Year 7 will be placed into 8 mixed ability classes and will be known by their tutors 7DF.

How do staff monitor progress in KS3?

Students will be assessed regularly across departments and parents will be kept informed of student progress. If there are concerns over progress you will be contacted by a member of staff. Equally, if you have concerns, we encourage you to get in touch, to see how we can support further development. Parents will be provided with their own personal log in, so they can track their child’s progress online.

What are school meals like?

Pupils can have a hot meal or cold meal and the school canteen is open before school, at break time as well as at lunch time every day.

School meals are very popular, and many of our pupils have a hot or cold school meal every day. We operate a biometric fingerprint system to reduce the need for pupils to carry cash and to reduce waiting time at the till. This means a swipe of the finger is all that is needed to get lunch. In September, pupils initially need to bring money into the Academy to place in the school machines but parents will soon be given an online account so they can top up their child’s balance at home.

Please note pupils are also welcome to bring a packed lunch if they prefer.

If your child has any food allergies, please contact Mrs Jacobson directly so she can arrange a meeting for parents with our caterers.

Parent Information on Free School Meals (FSM)

If your child is not currently receiving FSM, but as a parent/carer you believe they qualify, and you live in the Gateshead authority, then you must apply a.s.a.p. to Gateshead Council.

Application forms for Free School Meals can be found on the Gateshead Council website.

The application should be completed following the instructions on the website.


Children who are currently receiving FSM in Primary (within Gateshead authority):  these will automatically transfer over to the secondary school.


Children who are living outside Gateshead authority and are currently in receipt of FSM: Parents/carers will still need to complete the application form on the Gateshead council website and follow the instructions as if they were applying for the first time.  However, when returning the form, they should put a note either in the envelope or on the email to state the child is currently receiving FSMs and confirm their current primary school and the authority it is under.

Who can parents contact?

Initially, any queries you have can be directed to Mrs Jacobson. Click here to contact her via email.

Both Mrs Jacobson (Year 7 Leader) and Mrs Coates (Deputy Year 7 leader) will provide support for the social, emotional, and behavioural aspects of academy life. They also monitor the academic progress and attendance of the students. If you have any concerns, contact the Year 7 base and the matter will be dealt with in a professional and sensitive manner.

If your child has a medical concern you would like to discuss urgently, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Jacobson and she will arrange contact with the Supported Learning team.

What extra- curricular clubs can pupils join?

We have an amazing and exciting choice of lunch time and after school extra-curricular activities for your child take part in. All pupils are encouraged to participate in an extra-curricular activity from a wide range of curriculum areas to develop new skills and meet new friends. Each term an extra-curricular bulletin is published so pupils and parents can see what exciting opportunities are on offer. (Please note these activities may be affected by the Covid 19 situation and the restrictions in place in September)

What should I do if my child is going to be absent from school?

If your child is going to be absent from school, please contact the Year 7 room on extension 360 at the Academy as soon as possible; so we know exactly where your child is and ensure they are safe.

What time does my child need to attend school?

All pupils need to be on site for 8.40am each day and school finishes at 3.15pm.

Special educational needs (SEN)

Will my son/daughter have the same support as they have had in the past?

We will support each pupil as fully as possible. Support for those with an EHCP will be documented and discussed at the annual review meetings and will follow the agreed plan in place.  Those requiring additional support will have provision agreed through their support plan and this can be adapted with the changing needs of the child.

Will my child need to be on the SEN register at their Primary School to access additional support at LLOB?

The SEN register is adaptable and can change with the needs of each individual child when necessary.  If your child is already on the register, they will be able to access additional support at LLOB.  If they are not on the SEN register, this should be discussed between you and your child’s primary school to clarify what future support they may need and what information should be passed onto LLOB.

If my child has a diagnosis of Autism, what support will be in place?

All pupils who are on the Autistic Spectrum have access to Supported Learning at any time during the day, both in structured and unstructured times.  They have a mentor who they can talk to if they have felt the need to access Supported Learning during a lesson and can spend unstructured time within Supported Learning.

What support will my child with dyslexia have access to?

Many children with dyslexia will make good progress within their timetabled lessons with some adaptations made for them.  Others may find that they need additional support and require more precision teaching methods.  It is important to find the right level of support for the needs of the child and this will be carefully considered to ensure the right level of support is in place.

All of the academy’s policies are available to read online. If there if anything specific you would like to read and are unable to locate it, please email us. We look forward to welcoming you and your child to Lord Lawson.